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I was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania while half of my family is from and still living in Alaska. I graduated from Pennsylvania State University Main campus (5 years now) for Criminal Justice. I love children too and babysit in my off time. I love traveling all over the world and taking pictures!! I have been to Germany, France, Cayman Islands - Jamacia, and many states in the US. My dream is to rent an RV and travel the United States. I enjoy anything on the computer too! :)

Friday, January 27, 2006

Somebody's in trouble

well i wake up this morning and my boyfriend asks me if i heard about the tunnel yet. my response was *huh?...the fort pitt tunnel?* (living in pittsburgh there are three tunnels here and i assumed he meant one of those - haha!) but little did i know he was talking about some estravagant tunnel built illegally going from california to mexico underground. it was a drug smuggling tunnel and they took out over two tons of marijuana from it. they have no one in custody at this moment but check out this site of the story with 4 pictures...crazy. and the tunnel had electricity, cement floors and ceilings, a pully system and running water....check it out: http://articles.news.aol.com/news/article.adp?id=20060126135909990005&cid=505

Monday, January 23, 2006

Pittsburgh's goin to the SUPERBOWL

oh yea baby! this is the best day EVER!!! Here we go.....Steelers.....Here we go.....PITTSBURGH'S GOIN TO THE SUPERBOWL! oh i love it!!! i knew they could do it! and this one's for you Jerome!!!!! playing the superbowl in his home town of...DETROIT...and then winning of course for his *supposed* last season..;) the game was awesome...the season was awesome..this town is awesome..and i just love my men! and the crazy songs and events that go on while we are rockin this year!!! makes everything so much better while driving to work and going into the supermarket and whatever else there may be!!! everyone wearing black and gold no matter where you go. i even went out at 830am today to buy an AFC championship sweatshirt and hat!! oh yea-you better believe it! everyone better be wearing their black and gold for the superbowl day!!!! ironically i will be in Virginia for the superbowl because Chris' bday happens to fall that weekend and we are visiting his family; however, it will still be a great superbowl party there and i will be rocking my sweatshirt while chris rocks his hat!!!! and we will DEF kick seattles butt!!! And dad, the bet is on!!!! you see..my dad's team has always been the Seahawks....and he LOVES to gamble/bet...so he said he wanted to bet me if it were a seattle-steelers game..and well what do ya know!!! DAD + SEAHAWKS AT SUPERBOWL + ADDICTION TO GAMBLING = DAD BETTING JULIA AND "LOSING"!!! extra money, yes!!! hahaha :) anyways..i was just excited to post...hope all is well out there with the rest of you. until next time....paz

Saturday, January 21, 2006

joined a gym

well today Chris and I finally joined a gym and we are on our way to losing weight and feeling better! it feels so great to finally be able to join a gym financially and getting ready to be in the best shape i have ever been. this will do a lot for us both physically and mentally. we have both been very excited dreaming about what it would be like to be a member of a gym and today our dreams have just come true. it is not your typical high class fancy gym with tons of people there and all beautiful just trying to out-do the girl next to you with makeup and cute clothes. this gym is about the workout and not trying to impress, while at the same time, it is not crowded. just our style! the guy was really friendly and sincere and it was the best price we came across too. so get ready everyone, in months you will see a new and improved julia and chris. we are going to go at 6am before chris has to be at school at 8am just about every morning - maybe a day or two off sometimes, but we are serious about this. it will also do wonders for me to work out every morning because of my high blood pressure - they say morning excercize has been proven to lower high blood pressure significantly compared to any other time of working out. interesting i know :) well i was just so very excited to write about it and finally join a real gym, unlike those tiny little things at our complexes in state college. oh oh i almost forgot...to top it off..for 10 extra dollars a month i get unlimited tanning!!! oh that is the greatest! i love tanning and i get unlimited for basically 10 bucks??? what a deal!!! so for chris and i both to be members, plus my 10 extra a month for tanning is only 50 dollars a month! ya cant beat that for the results we are going to get! eating right will help too; so junk food and built up fat..."BRING IT ON"!!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

please pray for his family

well this morning on the way to take chris to school..right on our exit there were 4 police cars, radio stations and news crews all lined up and SOMETHING was going down. on my way home on the exit i have to get off to get to my apartment here in Carnegie, i passed them once more. going through my little town to get to my apartment i passed 3 more state troopers which was very unusual, so i had to go check it out on the news. so i came online and to my surprise...last nite around 2am a state trooper was pulling over a car and was shot to death and stuffed in the snow bank. here is the article to read: http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/tribune-review/trib/pmupdate/s_403235.html it is such a shame and wow such a little close to home. carnegie is NOT very big and it is a shame that people must do things like this when THEY are obviously the one in the wrong and guilty of something. now they will be charged with murder instead of what ever they were guilty of last nite. Please pray that the killers are found and the family of this officer is doing ok. thank you. julia

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

a little update

well hello there, it's been a while yes! Well, there are many new things. First off... I HAVE A CAR..yay!!! that is soo exciting! it really makes life much easier when you have a car and also adds more time to your day-it's amazing! It is a 96 Ford Taurus and i just love it. So now i hope to find a job easier with a car-yes! Second off, i have been in Erie for a while visiting and while i was there, my friend that i grew up with from 5yrs-13yrs in my good ole Erie neighborhood was shot and killed. I grew up with him, his brother and his sister, me and Melissa (the sister) were really good friends and even kept in touch after they moved away. Her and Paul (the one shot) actually came to visit me my junior year at PSU with Stephanie. So it's only been 2 years since i last saw him and when i was home visiting he was shot and killed outside of a bar. This was not only bad enough, but i didn't pay attention to the name and therefore missed the funeral, because i did not know i knew the person shot. i saw the news one night and saw his picture and was like *omg..i know him!*...well..it was too late to go to the wake and i felt terrible. If you could please keep his family in your prayers, read the story on the link and take a look at his obituary posted below, i would appreciate it. thank you.
R.I.P Paul V. Martinson 4/10/84-11/03/05

Paul V. Martinson

Paul V. Martinson Paul V. Martinson, 21, of 1126 W. 20th St., died Thursday, November 3, 2005, at Hamot Medical Center. He was born April 10, 1984, in Shalamar, Fla., a son of Paul W. Martinson and Rose M. Morris Royer, both of Erie. He lived in Erie most of his life. He worked with Lt. Joe Kress, helping children. He enjoyed sports and making rap CD’s. He was preceded in death by his maternal grandfather, Reames Morris; and paternal grandfather, Vernon Martinson. He is survived by his wife, Ashley M. Christopher Martinson; one daughter, Makayla J. Martinson; two sons, Malachi J. and Malkom Martinson; his step-father, William J. Royer; a maternal grandmother, Susie Morris; a paternal grandmother, Patricia Martinson; two brothers, Jason Foster and Christian Martinson; five sisters, Melissa McCain, Katie Mossberg, Alicia, Emily, and Samantha Royer, all of Erie. He is also survived by many aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and dear friends. Friends are invited to call at the John R. Orlando Funeral Home, Inc., Independent Care Group Affiliate, 2122 Raspberry St., on Sunday from 6 p.m. until the time of the service there at 8:30 p.m. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Paul Martinson Memorial Fund at any National City Bank location. To send condolences visit http://www.icgerie.com/. Sign the guestbook at www.GoErie.com/obits. Published in the Erie Times-News from 11/5/2005 - 11/6/2005.

Monday, October 24, 2005

happy halloween

here is a lil game...see if you can do it....happy halloween :) http://www.coorslight.com/iceswipe/

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

anyone wanna loan me a car???

haha. anyone wanna loan me a car? well here's the deal..(lol) so i am suppose to start this job at Americorps KEYS which is just a job to hold me over until i find a better one. this one only pays 10000 dollars a year before taxes...however it keeps your loans in deffered status and if you give them a complete year they give you 4,795 dollars toward your school loans at the end. so its kinda alright...and im suppose to start monday oct 24th....well well well...as life would have it..i recieve an email yesterday from a human resource lady that wants to offer me this great job...child care worker but for VisionQuest and i would be working with court adjudicated teenage girls that either have babies or are pregnant. i would be teaching them how to take care of their children and become responsible individuals. this would be perfect for me. i so totally want the job AND..it has complete benefits...DENTAL included which is great for me...it is 20 miles from my doorstep AND the pay is 24000 dollars...and she loves my resume with my experience and what not.......BUT I NEED A FREAKIN CAR TO GET THERE cuz there are no busses that run into washington pa. GOD FREAKIN DAMN IT..how many job offers am i going to have to turn down due to not having a fucking car. this is very agrivating you see. perfect job...perfect money...perfect benefits and no damn car. soo....again..anyone wanna loan me a car til i can make money to reemburse you? hahah! yes..so this is my frustration today...what to do what to do! ahhh..the depression sets in.........lil sis